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"If you are looking to build your business in this challenging market, I strongly recommend you get onboard with this service. You will get good leads that result in closed business. Quality leads play an integral role in my business and has made me the successful real estate professional that I am today. It seems obvious to me at this point that these leads will continue to play a significant part in my success through an overall difficult year. You can spend a lot of money participating in different web sites and programs, but "We Are Home Leads" provides a total service that I don't have to manage."
Jon Thomas
Coldwell Banker
Morgan Hill, Ca

Web Site Development

How efficient you manage your leads, opportunity pipeline, and sales forecast translates into increased sales and a shorter sales cycle. If you are in the finance or service industry, tracking of transactions, workflow efficiency, regulatory compliance, and dispatch of service personnel are critical factors in customer satisfaction.

We Are Home Leads provides you a single dashboard for tracking the status of your transactions while maintaining visibility of daily key performance indicators. We Are Home Leads’s workflow system can be easily customized to meet the specific needs of your business.

We Are Home Leads System Features

  • We create broker office and personalized agent web sites to highlight your real estate services and community successes.
  • We interconnect your web site with numerous real estate listing and marketing service providers.
  • We get your web site broad casted and marketed throughout the Internet.
  • We interconnect your web site with social media sites, such as Facebook.
  • We Are Home Leads will up-date and maintain your web site to keep it fresh and alive with new listings and information.

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"Successfully marketing your real estate services and branding yourself as a reputable expert in the field can not be achieved with one form of advertising. Creating a referral and positive word-of-mouth business requires consistent marketing messages from multiple community-specific channels. We deliver quality leads and support multiple marketing campaigns to continuously build and maintain the brand of our clients."
Dave Ross, President